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Taras TrofimovI’m a blogger, content marketer and aspiring novelist. For the last eight years, I’ve worked as a B2B content marketer for a number of successful agencies and software companies, including Unhaggle (better known as Motoinsight now), Brainrider and Constellation Software. Thanks to these companies, I’ve had the opportunity to pitch, write and publish my work for outlets like MSN, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Autoblog, Facebook, Yellow Pages and many others.

I’ve dabbled pretty much in every kind of content: blog posts, ad copy, video scripts, webinars, guides, press releases, case studies and more. In fact, if you want to try and name something I haven’t worked on to see if you can get me, do it. I’m up for the challenge. Either way, it’s been my mission, for a long time, to be everyone’s go-to content person, and I’ve maintained that role very successfully.

Until 2020, that is. Tan, tan, taaan!

As was the case with many people, my priorities shifted that year. I got tired of working for other companies and decided to carve out my own path in life, as a freelance writer. So, that’s what I am now, a freelancer. While I still accept content marketing jobs, I definitely lean more toward doing my own thing, which is writing well-researched opinion pieces and fiction (mainly, short stories and novels).

That being said, I do need to eat, so if you’re working on a fun (yet daunting) content marketing project and require assistance, please get in touch with me. I love fun/daunting projects! 🙂

About Taras Trofimov