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What do you do? What’s your industry? Who are your customers? All of these factors will help me determine how I can help you.

Your marketing objectives

What are you looking to accomplish? Are you trying to attract new prospects through social media engagements? Or do you want to nourish your existing database through quality blog posts and guides?

Your preferred content type

What kind of content are you looking to produce? Blog posts? Guides? Case studies? Product pages? Whatever it is, it should be directly related to your marketing objectives.

Here are some of the most common content types:

  • Blog posts
  • Guides
  • Presentation/webinar decks
  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • Case studies
  • Videos/scripts
  • Press releases

Your special requests (if you got any!)

Want a sample of something you can’t find on my website or on this form? No problem! Just name it, and I’ll see if I can dig it up somewhere.


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